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These house rules (“House Rules”) must be followed by all members of Forest Gate Works (“Members”) and guests of members (“Guests”), at all times. Forest Gate Works management team (“Management”) has the right to refuse entry to or remove any Member or Guest if it is felt that access is being abused or policies not followed. A Member is determined as an individual who has purchased a pass for the co-working space and/or a private event at Forest Gate Works.

Access for Members
When accessing the building, every Member must check‐ in with reception. During the event date and time for which a pass has been purchased, Members can access all areas of Forest Gate Works and hot desk areas designated by Management. Access is not allowed at times where an event is not in session and/or a pass has not been purchased. Members and their Guests should keep noise and disruption to a minimum when entering and leaving the premises. The area at the front of the premises should be kept clear at all times and bikes and scooters must not be parked in the area directly outside the entrance.

Each Member may have up to three Guests at Forest Gate Works for meetings only. Management may refuse entry to Guests during busy periods when space is limited. A larger number of Guests may be permitted for meetings provided that it is approved by Management in advance.
The name of each Guest must be registered on arrival (or in the case of guests for private hire events, by sending a guest list to Forest Gate Works in advance) and Guests may not enter the premises without the inviting Member being present. Members may not be separated from their Guests when in the building or allow their Guests to remain when they depart. Members are responsible for ensuring their Guests follow all House Rules and other policies and can face suspension or termination of membership if they or their Guests violate those rules.

Meeting Table + Private Events
Members can book the Meeting Table for an additional fee, the entire space is also available for Private Events. Please email for further details and to discuss making a booking.


Cancellation Policy

Forest Gate Works operates a 24 hour notice period cancellation policy for the Nomad and Nimble hot desking passes. Please email with a minimum of 24 hours notice from the start time/date of your booking for a cancellation to be processed and your fee refunded in full. Any cancellations less than 24 hours notice are not entitled to a refund. For cancellations regarding a private event please contact the event host directly.

Shared Spaces
Be respectful of others in shared spaces. Do not use abusive language and do not shout. Movies, videos, songs, internet calls, presentations and all other audio must be played through headphones when in shared spaces, so as not to be audible to other Members and Guests nearby.
Please keep feet off furniture and do not use shared spaces for sleeping. Please look after Forest Gate Works ‐ vandalism and deliberate destruction of Forest Gate Works will not be tolerated. When using the workspace areas, please wipe down your work area please clear all items from your desk at the end of each working day and stack glasses/cups in the dishwasher. Please do not leave any perishables or other items in the fridge. The fridge will be cleared out twice weekly and all items inside discarded.

Dress Code
Whilst there is no specific dress code at Forest Gate Works, Members are requested to remain considerate of their fellow Members in what is a shared environment and wear appropriate attire at all times. Footwear must be worn at all times and anybody dressed in a way deemed inappropriate by Management may be asked to change or leave the premises.

Members and their Guests must be respectful of the privacy of other Members, companies and Guests at all times. Forest Gate Works is a private establishment, and as such, the use of discretion is important to the fabric of our community. If a Member (or their Guest) is deemed to be wilfully indiscreet about other companies, Members, Guests or private event clients, their behaviour may lead to them being barred from using the space.

Mobile Phones
Mobile phones may be used throughout the premises. Members are requested to be considerate of others around them when making or receiving calls, and where possible, move to a space that minimises the level of disturbance for those trying to work or conduct meetings. A member of the Forest Gate Works team may ask you to move to an alternative space if you are disturbing others.

Illegal Drugs/Substances
Forest Gate Works operates a zero‐tolerance policy to the use of drugs and illegal substances on the premises. No Member or their Guests shall purchase, use, ingest, possess or distribute illegal drugs or other substances or attempt to do any of the same while on the property or in the immediate vicinity. Any Member (or their Guest) found violating these policies will be immediately ejected from the premises and have their membership suspended and/or terminated.

All bills must be settled in full before leaving Forest Gate Works. No credit facilities are provided by Forest Gate Works. Members are responsible for any unpaid bills of their Guests and Members may face being barred  if unpaid bills are not settled swiftly.

Food & Beverages
Tea and coffee are provided by Forest Gate Works free of charge for Members and Guests on days for which a pass has been purchased. The kitchenette is available to preheat or prepare any food from external sources, please be respectful of others when using this space and ensure it is kept clean and tidy.

Private Hire & Maintenance
Management may at times close all or part of the building for private events or for necessary maintenance, repair or redecoration work. Where all or part of the building is closed for redevelopment, maintenance, repair or redecoration work, the Forest Gate Works team will ensure that any such area (including its constituent facilities and services) is reinstated as soon as possible.

Accidents & Injuries
The safety of Members and their Guests is paramount at Forest Gate Works. Members and their Guests must observe all house rules and any signs published or displayed in the building at all times. If a Member or Guest has an accident, or suffers any injury whilst on Forest Gate Works premises, please report this to a member of staff as soon as possible, and in any event, within 24 hours of the incident. This information is needed in order to help us comply with our health and safety obligations and for insurance purposes.

Entering & Leaving Forest Gate Works
All Members and their Guests are asked to be considerate to nearby residents by being quiet when entering or leaving the premises or while in the surrounding area. Poor behaviour that disturbs our neighbours may lead to a Member being denied access.

Dogs are welcome at Forest Gate Works at the discretion of Management and must always be kept on a lead, responsibility for animals remain with the owner at all times. Assistance dogs are always welcome. As this is a shared workspace Management reserve the right to request the removal of a dog should their behaviour become an issue for others using the space. 

Members are not permitted to use Forest Gate Works as a registered office or business/postal address unless they have a monthly fixed desk work space (‘Native Pass’). Forest Gate Works will not accept post or deliveries for Members.

Smoking Policy
All Members and Guests are obligated to abide by The Ministry’s current smoking policy, and all applicable governmental no smoking laws, rules and regulations. Smoking and vaping are restricted to the clearly signed areas of the courtyard at the front of the premises only. Smoking and vaping are not permitted outside the front of the Forest Gate Works building. Management reserves the right to make changes to the designated smoking and vaping areas at its own discretion.

Covid-19 Policy
The premises are cleaned and disinfected twice weekly and we provide hand sanitiser that we encourage all Members and Guests to use. Please do not use the space if you are currently infected with Covid-19, this is to ensure the safety of all Members and Guests using the space.

Disciplinary Procedure
Any conduct by a Member or Guest that is prejudicial to the reputation and character of Forest Gate Works may result in the expulsion of that Member or Guest. Such conduct may include violent, abusive or intolerant behaviour, the theft or destruction of property, or the sharing of Members’ information. In particular, any disrespectful or abusive behavior of any Member or Guest(s) towards anyone will be dealt with by immediate expulsion of that Member and, if applicable, their Guest(s). All Members must abide by the rules and regulations of Forest Gate Works at all times. If Management considers that the conduct of any Member or Guest either on or around Forest Gate Works’ premises is contradictory to these House Rules, Management may expel the Member from the premises and/or block them from future bookings without providing any reason. An expelled Member may not return to Forest Gate Works as a Guest.

Rights and Privileges of Membership
A Member shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges of Forest Gate Works and shall be bound by these rules but shall have no proprietary rights in any of the premises or in respect of the property of Forest Gate Works.

Amendments to the Rules of Forest Gate Works
Management reserves the right to change these House Rules at any time. The most up to date version of these House Rules can be found on the online House Rules Area or can be obtained from a member of staff.

Interpretation of the Rules
In the event of any dispute arising as to the meaning or interpretation of these House Rules, the matter shall be referred to Management, whose decision with respect to your membership shall be final and without appeal. These House Rules are incorporated into your agreement when using the space at Forest Gate Works and shall be interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of England under the exclusive jurisdiction of English courts.


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